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In our most recent newsletter, we kicked off 2019 with a Facility Improvement Planning Checklist and dug into some easy ways to improve the look of your dasher boards and shielding. We then moved on to the lobby area where we focused on ways to make a great first impression as visitors step into your rink. The next stop on our virtual tour – the locker rooms.

Locker rooms are critical areas of your rink where players prepare both mentally and physically for games, coaches deliver pep talks and halftime strategy lessons and teams celebrate wins and bond over losses. In an area where emotions run high, your locker room must be durable while offering functionality and organization…all in a camaraderie-building atmosphere. Let’s take a look at how you can make an impact with a few changes or additions to your locker rooms.

Offer Durability when Furnishing Your Locker Rooms

From skate-resistant rubber flooring to virtually indestructible recycled plastic lumber benching, coat hooks and home team storage lockers, these durable furnishings are as tough as the players that use them.

Dual-layer vulcanized rubber flooringAmy Rader Rink Pics 031 is the preferred choice over polyurethane flooring in locker rooms where skates will be worn. Not only is the flooring cut, dent, and slip resistant, but the non-porous surface repels liquids, odors and bacteria while absorbing sound. The smooth top surface makes cleaning easy and keeps your high-traffic locker rooms looking their best for years.

Made of splinter-free material that will not stain or rot, recycled plastic lumber benching, shelving, and wall-mounted lockers stand the test of time and offer your players both convenience and comfort that only comes from the highest quality materials.

Create a Patron-Friendly Environment

Some rinks host a high school or college home team and their opponents. Others host the community youth hockey program, club teams, adult leagues, and even non-ice sports. Show your patrons you value their experience and by tailoring the locker room to their needs.

dsc_0032_coachboardTake into consideration the amount of gear being used, the ages of the players, and number of individuals who occupy the space at one time. Younger players might do best with a simple height-appropriate hook and shelf system while older players may require a more elaborate wall mounted locker. Stick racks, available in 48” and 54”, help to keep the locker room organized as players are gearing up or meeting as a team. Adding coach’s arena wall boards to the locker rooms make strategizing and visualization easier.

One of the best ways to create a patron-friendly environment is to help teams show off their school spirit as they are preparing for games. Custom in-floor logos along with benching, shelving, and storage lockers in team colors personalize locker rooms to the teams that use them most.

In our next and final stop on the virtual tour of your facility, we will look at other great ways to improve your facility in 2019.