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A brief introduction to Becker Arena Products

Find everything you need to know about our rink systems, ice rink equipment, and arena supplies and services below! Resources include documents specifically for rink operators and arena owners as well as ice rink contractors and architects.

Arena Services and Supplies Catalog

Learn more about all of Becker Arena’s services and products by downloading our “Arena Services and Supplies Catalog”

A Brief Introduction to Becker Arena Products

Read more about Becker Arena, our ice rink systems and products, and how we go “Beyond the Boards” to support all aspects of your project!

Product information and specifications

At Becker Arena Products, Inc., we want to make your job easier by supplying product information and specifications for you to use throughout the planning and design process. Please complete the form below to receive our specifications via email. We will contact you to answer any questions and discuss next steps.

By requesting this documentation, you are agreeing to utilize this proprietary information for your own use, or those in your company, for the sole purpose of ice rink construction design on a project involving Becker Arena Products, Inc. We will not disclose your personal information to anyone.

Rink Ready Products...
Frequently asked questions

Do you require a minimum price for each order?
No. We are happy to fill orders at any price or item quantity.

Do you offer 24-hour shipping?
Yes! We offer 24-hour shipping on all in-stock items.

What types of credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can you deliver products by a deadline?
Absolutely! Let us know the date you need your order delivered and we will ship it in the most efficient and cost effective way possible to meet your deadline.

What are the Terms & Conditions for my order?
Click here to view a PDF of Becker Arena Product’s Terms and Conditions.

FAQs About Submitting Rink Artwork

What specs should my original artwork be in?
All original artwork must be scaled to 100% of its final size and use the CMYK color model.

What software should I create my artwork with?
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Quark XPress (If completed in Photoshop, final layout should be 72 dpi at 100% CMYK files.)

What file format works best?
Our preferred file formats include: .ai and .eps. We are also able to accept: .jpg, .tif, or .pdf.

Will you provide samples before production?
Of course! We provide proofs and ask for approval before starting production.

Join Sourcewell to streamline your ice rink equipment purchases with Becker Products

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) has announced the launch of its new brand name, Sourcewell, to better reflect its purpose and to position itself for ongoing local and national growth. Founded as an Educational Cooperative Service Unit (ECSU) for its five-county region in 1978, the organization’s core focus on education and schools has continued as it has expanded to serve other government entities and nonprofits in Minnesota and across the country.

Sourcewell is a municipal contracting agency and member-owned cooperative with more than 50,000 agencies. Members are legally allowed to purchase off Sourcewell contracts while satisfying their own local bidding requirements – saving them valuable time, resources, and money!

Becoming a Sourcewell member gives you access to all of Becker Arena Product’s ice rink equipment and supplies plus leasing and finance options.

Join Sourcewell at no cost, no obligation, and no liability. Start choosing the right quality products, exceptional service, and national leveraged contract price to avoid the unpleasant experience of a low bid today.


CONTRACT# 120320-ATH-1

Product information and specifications

Benefit from an easy ordering system for ice rink supplies and equipment. Plus, with our On Time Delivery Guarantee, your products will get there right when you need them.

How to Order:

By Phone:
Call: 952-890-2690
Outside the US, Call: 800-234-5522


Ordering From Becker

  • No minimum order price
  • 24 hour shipping on ALL in-stock items
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

On Time Delivery Guarantee

Let us know the date you need your order delivered and we will ship your products in the most efficient and cost effective way to meet that delivery date. We will typically estimate the cost of the freight before the order ships. In most cases, we are able to quote an actual cost and seek your approval before shipping to avoid any surprises on your invoice.

Our Policies

These apply to all sales not under contract. Please refer to your contract for your project/job specific terms and conditions.

PRICING: Many of the Rink Ready Supply products are priced and available to purchase on this website. If there is a product not priced please call us at 1-800-234-5522 for current pricing.

PAYMENT TERMS: Upon approval of your completed credit application, payment is due Net 30 days unless quoted otherwise.

CREDIT CARDS: We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

PAST DUE PAYMENT: All past due accounts are charged 1.5% monthly finance charge (18% annual). Orders will not be shipped when a delinquent balance exists on an account.

BACK ORDERS: Unless otherwise instructed, out-of-stock items will be automatically back ordered and shipped as soon as possible.

FREIGHT: All shipments unless otherwise specified are shipped F.O.B. stock locale. Shipping costs are additional unless quoted otherwise. Notification of damages or shortages must be made within 48 hours of delivery. Becker Arena Products, Inc. is not responsible for damage or loss in transit. All freight claims must be filed with the delivery carrier.

RESPONSIBILITY: Becker Arena Products, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for personal injury or property damage incurred by or through the use of any product represented in its website or catalog.

RETURNS: Prior approval is required on all returns. All returns must be shipped pre-paid and are subject to a 15% handling and restocking charge. All unauthorized returns will be returned at the customer’s expense. Customized items shall be approved by the purchaser prior to construction and are not returnable. Contact our office for further information and instructions.

Learn more about Becker Arena Products purchasing options.

Cooperative Purchasing


Sourcewell is a municipal contracting agency and member-owned cooperative with more than 50,000 agencies.

Members are legally allowed to purchase off Sourcewell contracts while satisfying their own local bidding requirements – saving them valuable time, resources, and money!

Learn More about Sourcewell


National Cooperative Leasing (NCL) is an independently-owned company, providing financing solutions for government and educational agencies as well as private business throughout the nation.

Leasing Information

Learn more about Becker Arena Products leasing options.

Government financing program

When budget is a concern but you need to purchase new Ice Rink equipment, you can now take advantage of a Government financing program through NCL Government Capital. NCL is the only Sourcewell awarded contract vendor offering municipal financing to the cooperative membership.

Features and benefits

Sourcewell Awarded Contract:

the RFP work is already complete! NJPA has performed the bidding for financing on your behalf. With Becker Arena Products you get the best ice rink equipment and with NCL you get the best financing structure!

Flexible Payment Structure:

Budget calendar alignment… Receive the products now and align payments to match your budget cycle.  Push out 1st payment for up to one year!

Tax-Exempt Municipal Purchase:

Offers immediate ownership with a budget friendly payment schedule.  This municipal only program combines the benefits of a low monthly/yearly payment of a lease and the product ownership of a loan.

The power of cooperative purchasing now stands even stronger.  You can purchase the highest quality arena products with competitively bid Becker Arena Products contract. You can also increase your purchase power through a competitively bid finance contract from NCL.

Reference Sourcewell Awarded Contracts:

Becker Arena Products Contract #120320-ATH-1
NCL Government Capital Contract #011620-NCL

Not a Government or Non Profit?

No problem… NCL can finance private business as well.  NCL  offers competitive rates and flexible payment plans.  Talk with your area sales person or call Becker Arena Products at 952-890-2690

For more information on NCL go to
For more information on NJPA go to
Watch a NCL Informational YouTube Video

NCL Gov Cap logo

General Ice Rink Maintenance Instructions

Click link(s) below to view & download ice rink maintenance instructions

Net Lacing Instructions
Paper Line Kit Installation Instructions

Pre-Project Forms

Click link(s) below to download, review & submit these forms before starting an ice rink construction project.

Credit Application
Request for Dasher Board Quote Form
Project Questionnaire Form

Material Safety Data Sheets

Click link(s) below to download, review & submit these forms before starting an ice rink construction project.

Fleck Clean
Fleck Seal

Terms & Conditions Sheets

Terms & Conditions Sheets