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Building Community and a Place for People to Play, Compete and Win

At Becker Arena Products, our excellence is driven by a passion for the sport. Many staff members coach, some play or use to play, and some have kids in local programs. We feel a connection with the end user of our product and the ice rinks we support and serve.

We have been a life-long member of local and national Ice Rink Managers Associations and an advocate of development programs including the Learn to Skate, ADM and Cross-Ice.

Learn to Skate is an exceptional program for interested beginners:
“The focus and goal of the Learn to Skate (L2S) curriculums are designed to teach beginner hockey players the fundamentals of skating. Every association will have different needs, access to ice, a large variation in ages (4-10 years old) and number of players in their L2S sessions. If you have 5 or 60 new players, USA Hockey recommends that you use age and skill appropriate drills to teach the players how to skate and play hockey. It’s important for these players to become comfortable on the ice, learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, use of edges and how to hold a stick before moving into a learn to play, 6U or 8U full hockey curriculum.” – USA Hockey

ADM stands for American Development Model:
“The American Developmental Model (ADM) provides age-appropriate guidelines and curriculum to hockey associations across America to help more kids play, love and excel in hockey. Brought to you by USA Hockey, in partnership with the NHL.” – ADM, USA Hockey

The Cross-Ice Program is a skill development program:
“The program is based on the model of practicing and playing hockey across the ice surface as compared to practicing and playing lengthwise along the full length of the ice. This system has been used in some of the leading hockey nations for several years. Some studies have shown that children who begin their hockey training in this environment can have an outstanding hockey experience and may progress faster than those who begin in the full-ice system.” – Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association

Connect with Becker Arena Products today to explore the many ways our team supports those we share a passion with – coaches, parents, and hockey association representatives. We provide a wide range of coaching tools and beyond to help your team and facility thrive, such as:
  • Hockey training aids
  • Skating aids
  • Hockey coaching boards
  • Ice hockey training equipment
  • and much more

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