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By providing high visibility for your rentals, Ice Skate Racks make it easy for new skaters to come see what you have, and try the sport out for the first time.

For many beginners, the barrier between them and skating on the ice for the first time is the initial investment into a pair of ice skates. If a person doesn’t know if they’re even going to enjoy being a skater, they won’t want to spend money on a brand new pair just to try ice skating. By providing rental skates, you can open up public skate session time to a much wider range of people. Plus, skate rental charges can be a great revenue source for your venue.

If you want to try providing rental skates at your ice skating rink, the first thing you’ll want to invest in is a rental skate storage solution. With proper storage, you can easily house enough skates to provide them to the public. Plus, with the right system, you can ensure that you keep these rental skates from getting damaged over time.

Thankfully, Becker Arena Products has some wonderful ice skate rack storage solutions available, that can benefit a wide range of spaces. By making this investment, you can easily house a good stockpile of skates, and keep them in top condition for years to come.

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Our Modular Skate Rack Systems

If you’ve been having trouble trying to keep your rental skates organized, you could benefit from exploring one of our modular skate rack systems. These organization systems can be made custom to any size room, fit both hockey skates or figure skates, and be made for any quantity of skates you might have.

We also love this system because of how it can extend the lifespan of the skates in your arena. This system works by creating a series of custom shelving, fitted with custom skate holders that hold the blade and keep it suspended. This will prevent the blade from sitting in water or staying wet when returned from the ice, so they don’t rust as easily.

There are some great labeling options for these racks as well, so you can keep your skate room organized by skate type and size. These systems can also be made to move, with rolling systems that allow you to easily remove the system if you need to change up your venue.

If you want further details on our ice skate rack system, click here for a full overview.


Ice Skate Storage Uses

Who exactly can benefit from one of these systems in your venue?

Community Skate Rinks

If you want to open up an ice rink for community skate times, these organizational systems can help you make a profit by providing rental skates. Your arena can invest in skates in a wide range of sizes so users can rent skates for an hour, or even rent them for beginner lessons.

Hockey Teams and  Figure Skaters

If your arena is home to permanent hockey teams or figure skaters, you can invest in storage for players to keep their equipment safely stored at the venue. Again, this will vary from venue to venue, but this can be a great solution for spaces that want permanent storage for team equipment.

Skate Racking

What Other Gear Do I Need?

If you want to invest in ice skate racks for storing your rental skates, there’s some other gear you should invest in as well. Along with keeping your skates stored safely, you’ll also want some gear to keep them well maintained, and to make your environment more welcome to new visitors during community skate time. Just like you’d invest in a Zamboni for your ice maintenance, you need devices for rental skate maintenance as well.

Skate Sharpeners

We highly recommend you invest in a skate sharpener for permanent storage at your venue. Especially if your ice rink is super high traffic with the people using your skates.

While you could look into an outside skate sharpening service, investing in a skate sharpener can save costs over time as you maintain the skates yourselves. These can also be useful if your arena is home to hockey players and figure skaters, who can take advantage of getting their skates sharpened in their own home arena. This service can also open a new revenue stream, so you can charge for skate sharpening alongside charging for skate rentals.

Becker Arena Products offers a range of different skate sharpeners that can sharpen all kinds of skates. Click here to learn more.

Skate Trainers

If you want to host community skate events, you could also look into investing in some skate trainers. Whether they’re clip-on skate trainers or skate trainer walkers, these can massively benefit beginner skaters and young skaters visiting your arena. This will further open up your arena to new patrons, as you help visitors learn how to take to the ice for the first time.

Locker Storage

When hosting community skate sessions, you can also benefit from having a locker system the public can access. There’s a chance some of your visitors will bring their own skates or other gear with them, or even have purses and bags they want to bring with them, but not hold them while on the ice. By having dedicated locker storage, whether in change rooms or somewhere else in your venue, visitors can safely store their items during ice time.

Racking Up Opportunities

If you’re considering investing in ice skate rack storage, we definitely think it’s worth it! By making investments like these over time, you will slowly but surely improve your arena, keeping it up-to-date. It’s also a great way to start the rental skate process for the first time, opening up new sources of revenue for your venue.

Those looking to invest should reach out to us at Becker Arena Products, to explore our different ice skate rack solutions! We can provide custom solutions to fit any space, and open up new opportunities for your arena. Click here to learn more and request a quote today.