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One of the greatest joys of operating a community rink is watching the sheer influx of skaters come through the doors, lace up their skates, get out on the ice and have a good time! Unfortunately, one of the biggest headaches that comes along with operating a community rink is often the perpetual disorganization of countless pairs of rental skates. You daydream about all the time you could save and the stress you could alleviate if those dang size 7’s were consistently located between the 6’s and 8’s and you curse over the rusting blades while justifying it as “that’s just what happens.” Maybe you’ve even revamped your storage system a few times and still feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, all is not lost! There are some innovative rental skate racking solutions that address these and other common frustrations.

Benefits of the MSR skate racking system

The Modular Skate Rack System (MSR) skate racking system helps to reduce the instance of rust. Rust forms when wet blades don’t dry properly which can ultimately ruin the skate blade. With the MSR system, each skate is re-racked in a suspended position in a plastic skate holder, allowing for proper drying of the blade. This system also helps facilitate the location of specific sizes by providing individual skate slots that keep skates upright, evenly spaced and in order, eliminating the need to constantly move skates around on an open shelf to wedge the returned pair into its proper place.

Additionally, the MSR skate racking system is highly adjustable. You can choose how much vertical space you want between shelves and how much width you want between individual skates. This system also comes with a labeling option.

Custom configurations

Everybody’s skate storage space is unique. Some rinks have more discretionary space than others. Whereas one rink might have oodles of open space in the center of the room, another rink might boast more wall space. Rinks that store skates in multipurpose rooms would likely benefit most from mobile skate storage. MSR recognizes the unique needs of each facility and conveniently offers skate racking systems in 12 custom configurations. These configurations include wall or center room systems, under-the-counter systems and mobile unit systems. They also offer single and double-sided, single-deep shelves. What configuration would be ideal at your facility?

Information we need to design your space

Whether you’re building a new space or remodeling a current space, rest assured – there is a perfect skate racking system for you. If you’d like help envisioning what your facility’s ideal system looks like, we would be more than happy to draw up a plan and get you a quote. All we need from you is some basic information and we will take it from there: How many pairs of skates do you need to store? How high are your ceilings and how long are your walls? How much floor space do you have available? Does an under-the-counter system appeal to you? How about a mobile system?

Are you fed up with your current skate storage system or looking to create from scratch an innovative solution for your new facility? Let Becker Arena Products help you find a solution that best meets your skate storage needs. Call 800.234.5522 to speak with one of our industry experts and get on your way to fewer headaches and more organization and efficiency at your rink!