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A mini-blog series.

As an owner or operator, you are either planning or executing annual facility improvements. It can be a real balancing act improving the functionality or appearance of your rink while maintaining your budget. Time may also be a constraint if you are a year-round facility with a full schedule. First, you need to determine if buying new or used boards or refurbishing your existing boards is the best course of action. Becker Arena Products is here to help you succeed by considering your situation and recommending the best solution based on your schedule and budget. Take a mental walk through your rink as we share some time-friendly, cost-effective and impactful ideas you may want to consider in 2019.

First, let’s start with some ideas for updating your dasher boards and shielding:

New Facing, Cap Rail, Kick Plate, and Gate Hardware

gold powder coated postsYou’ve tried everything to improve the appearance of your boards but the scuffs and scratches have taken over. If you want your boards to look like new without replacing your system, refacing your dasher boards with bright white poly facing is a great option. It can make your rink look brand new. Changing up your cap rail can also breathe new life into dull boards, especially if you coordinate with school colors. Improve the functionality of your boards by installing flush-mount kick plate or replacing worn gate hardware. Finally, adding backer panels to your existing boards is a great way to sharpen the appearance of your rink.

Update Protective Shielding with New Acrylic or Tempered Glass

farmington mn 8-13-10 011 (2)Do spectators complain about not being able to see through the glass even though you just cleaned it? It might be time to think about replacing that worn shielding with new shielding. Tempered glass is typically more scratch-resistant and affordable and is more often used with permanent rinks. Acrylic shielding is lighter and can be cut onsite from factory stock. It is typically used in multi-event arenas but gaining popularity at community rinks as well. A combination of both is also an option, utilizing tempered glass on the spectator sides and acrylic where shooting occurs.

Update Protective Netting System

Full_rink_0715Full_rink_0715Worn or damaged protective netting is not only unsightly but can be a safety issue. Knowing you are doing all you can to keep pucks from flying into the stands will give you peace of mind. Nylon is the most affordable type of netting, available in either black and white. Monofilament netting has better see-through qualities. Kevlar is the premium netting option due to its thinner profile and fire-retardant characteristics.

Next, we’ll move into the lobby and talk about simple ways to update this important first impression area. In the meantime, check out the 2019 Facility Improvement Planning Checklist and call us to get started.