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In our most recent newsletter, we kicked off 2019 with a Facility Improvement Planning Checklist and dug into some easy ways to improve the look of your dasher boards and shielding. Continue with us on our virtual tour as we move on to the lobby area.

The lobby area is the public’s first impression of your facility. Is your lobby area clean, functional and inviting for your guests? Investing in the following improvements may not only improve your patrons’ experience at your rink but may also provide additional opportunities for generating revenue.

Replace Worn-Out Flooring

Choosing flooring that is durable enough for foot and skate traffic yet is easy for you and your staff to maintain is essential when it comes to keeping your lobby area safe and presentable. When skates are allowed in the lobby area, most facilities install a resilient rubber flooring that is cut, dent and slip-resistant. The good news is that you don’t have to stick with traditional black! With a wide-range of colors from brands such as SportFloor, you can make an instant impression. Featuring a customized team logo or color scheme that coordinates with the rest of your rink takes your lobby up a notch. Skate traffic carpet is a perfect option for areas such as pro shops, entryways and offices that need protection from skate blades.

Add or Upgrade Your Skate Sharpener

2-hd-filter-exhaust-lg_cr_1Speaking of skate blades, offering skate sharpening services in your lobby area is a convenience your guests will appreciate. Investing in a high-quality skate sharpener and hiring employees who have excellent skate sharpening skills can generate additional revenue for your rink. If you already own a skate sharpener but it just isn’t cutting it, consider upgrading your machine or replacing worn parts.

Organize Rental Skates with a Skate Racking System

DSCN6104Nothing is more unsightly than a heap of rental skates behind the counter. Installing the right skate racking system can cut down on headaches for both your staff and patrons alike. You can choose between a mobile system or a fixed system, depending on the space you have available and how many pairs of skates you wish to store. Make sure to choose a system that will allow for proper blade drying after use! Use your rental skate storage area to communicate a high standard of order and organization rather than clutter and chaos. Take advantage of the MSR Skate Rack Storage sale NOW through February 2019!

Update Seating Area with New Benching

img_0257_2_You wouldn’t invite people into your home without a couch or chair for them to sit on. It should be no different at your rink! Use recycled lumber benching to create an inviting area where parents can lace up their kids’ skates or wait for their kids to finish practice. If you want something with even more functionality, consider providing mobile cubby benches which feature storage space under the seating area. Offering sponsorships or adopt-a-bench opportunities are great ways to use your new benching to generate additional revenue for your rink or offset the cost of rink improvements. Get even more for your money during February 2019 with our Benching Sale going on NOW!


We’ll continue the tour through your facility next week as we stop by the locker rooms and learn which improvements can make a real difference for players, coaches and staff. Feel free to read ahead with our 2019 Facility Improvement Planning Checklist and give us a call to get started.