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Multipurpose facilities come in many forms. From community centers that accommodate everything from soccer tournaments to weddings in a weekend, to complexes combining shopping with sports, multipurpose facilities are becoming more prevalent and versatile than ever. There are good reasons why these “amalgamations of recreation” have been growing in popularity and are offering a more robust array of amenities to the populations they serve.

They Accommodate Busier, More Complex Lives

Parents need to be able to drop their child off at practice, sneak in a workout and grab a bite to eat without driving all over town. Likewise, an hour car ride to a game is hardly possible when families are juggling the busy sport schedules of multiple children. Multipurpose facilities are stepping up to serve as one-stop shops in communities because it’s simply what families need to manage in today’s over-scheduled world.

They Are Cost-Effective and Revenue Generating

Combining your offerings and designing one versatile multipurpose space can result in increased revenue and operational cost savings compared to running separate facilities. For instance, individuals are more willing to pay membership rates where they can spend the day swimming, skating, playing and socializing. As a result, area businesses are more likely to invest in advertising or sponsoring at a center that has a higher number of visitors who stay longer.

In addition, spaces that can be used for multiple types of events typically don’t lay dormant and may ring up sizeable rental income compared to a standalone ice arena or gym.

From an operational standpoint, designing the facility with eco-friendly features such as automatic lighting and smart HVAC may end up reducing utility costs, regardless of square footage. Hiring personnel for one building instead of several typically results in decreased payroll expenses and more flexibility for employees. And if two entities in a community can share the space (such as a college and city), operational costs are split while utilization is maximized.

They Cater to a Diverse Community Demographic

In an ideal multipurpose space, there is something for everyone. Athletes gather for team sports while children attend birthday parties.  Association members meet in community rooms while busy entrepreneurs attend tradeshows. Parents work out while seniors catch up with friends over coffee. The opportunity to bring people together into one building is special. When a space encourages inclusion, a sense of belonging emerges and the community is enriched.

Things to Consider when Designing a Multipurpose Facility

When it comes to designing your multipurpose facility, determining your focus is the most important step.

Do you want to bring your community together over a wide variety of sports or would you prefer to operate a single sport facility with multiple fields or rinks? Or how about designing a facility with fitness and food offerings and anchoring it with an ice arena? What will a day at your facility look like? Knowing the answers to these questions help to create an overarching vision which should assist in decision making throughout the process.

Next, consider the demographics and needs of your patrons. Design flexible spaces that can be easily rearranged to suit a multitude of events and activities in order to attract patrons and maximize revenue. Paying attention to the details can make a huge difference in how a community receives the space. For instance, experts recommend you include plenty of seating, restrooms, water fountains and concession stands. And don’t overlook the importance of ample, accessible parking. In the end, knowing intimately who you are serving, what they expect, and how to keep them coming back is key to a successful design.

Multipurpose Facilities Designed by Becker Arena Products

As a player in the ice rink industry for over 30 years, Becker Arena Products has witnessed the evolution of multipurpose facilities firsthand and constantly adapts to accommodate the ongoing needs of our clients. We’ve had the privilege of partnering in a variety of multipurpose facilities. Here are some project highlights:

Hopkinsville Sportsplex – Hopkinsville, Kentucky

The Hopkinsville Indoor Sportsplex was funded as part of a city-county collaborative plan to improve the wellness, infrastructure and neighborhoods in the Christian County area. The 54,000 sq. ft. facility hosts both recreational programming and tournament events including baseball/softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf, track and archery as well as non-sporting events. A BAP 3.0 Kick Series dasher system with a manually retractable closure system was installed by Becker Arena Products to provide an area suitable for all playing levels. Read more.

Shakopee Community Center and Ice Arena – Shakopee, Minnesota

Shakopee, Minnesota is a growing suburb and needed a new community center to fit its needs. The phased renovation involved new construction to house two-sheets of ice with multiple locker rooms, training areas, and concessions. Becker supplied and installed the two NHL-size BAP 6.0 Signature Series steel frame dasher systems, rubber flooring, locker room benching, rental skate storage system, and various ice arena equipment. The existing center community rooms were updated with dedicated teen and senior centers, children’s play area and childcare facility, and expanded fitness area. The space where the ice rink previously resided now features an aquatic center. Read more.

New England Sports Village – North Attleboro, Massachusetts

Located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, the New England Sports Village recently completed phase one of three with a three sheet ice arena featuring BAP 6.0 Signature Series dasher boards and locker room equipment, rubber flooring, rental skate storage, scoreboards. The ice facility is surrounded by two restaurants, birthday party room, a boxing club, performance training center, and physical therapy office. Future phases include a field house, aquatics area, tennis courts, and wellness center. Read more.

Dakotah! Sport and Fitness – Prior Lake, Minnesota

The Dakotah! Ice Center was originally built in 1994 as a one-sheet facility adjacent to a fitness center, play area and conference/event center. Then Becker Arena Products supplied and installed their second rink in 2008. The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community looked to Becker once more when they were ready to replace their original set of boards again in 2018. This project included removal and trade-in of the existing dasher system before the installation of the new dasher system. Read more.

Sport Stable – Superior, Colorado

Located in Superior, Colorado, Sport Stable boasts a 157,000 sq. ft. facility for ice, court and turf sports. It also houses a nutrition center, indoor golf simulator, physical therapy and medical facilities, fitness centers, play area, meeting rooms, barber shop, pro shop, and a restaurant and coffee shop. The facility is visited by approximately 1.6 million per year. Becker Arena Products supplied and installed the 2 NHL-sized Signature Series BAP6.0 dasher board systems and a Kick Series BAP 3.0 turf sport containment dasher system in the facility. Locker room benching, coat hooks, rental skate storage, rubber flooring, scoreboards, and stick racks were also supplied by Becker. Read more.

Your community’s dream for a multipurpose facility can be a reality, and we can help! Give us a call at 800.234.5522 and let’s start the conversation.