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How did you come up with the brand name Signature Series for your dasher board systems?


Twelve years into business, Becker Arena Products already had several unique dasher board systems available for purchase and we wanted a brand name that would encompass all our current systems as well as those we would develop down the road. During our brainstorming phase, the idea that every employee at Becker Arena Products figuratively ‘signs’ their name on every product kept coming to mind. That’s how our Signature Series Dasher Board System came to be. While we don’t actually sign our names on the frames of our products, our employees stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of each and every product we create.

Below is the full line of Signature Series Dasher Boards:

BAP6.0 Signature Series Standard Steel Frame
BAP6.0A Signature Series Standard Aluminum Frame
BAP4.0 Signature Series Outdoor Dasher System
BAP6.0 Signature Series Outdoor Dasher System
BAP6.0A Signature Series Pro Dasher System
BAP Signature Series Custom Railing Systems