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A perennial challenge for any ice rink owner is finding creative ways to keep revenue flowing once hockey season wraps up. Hockey leagues, camps, and classes may keep your ice resurfacer busy from September to March, but what about the warmer months?

Becker Arena Products has helped many ice rinks uncover more revenue potential. Here are a few of the ways ice rink owners can make the most of their space.

1. Use your rink year-round.
If you could convert your ice to turf or court for a few months, or even a few days a month, what revenue potential does that create for you? Some rinks remove the ice at the end of the hockey season and replace it with turf for lacrosse or soccer, then roll up the turf and add the ice back in time for hockey in the fall.

Others, such as Grossinger Motors Arena in Bloomington, Illinois, have temporary floor coverings that insulate and protect the ice and provide a hard flooring for basketball, concerts, or expos. Becker Arena Products can help you understand your options for changing over your floor coverings to maximize your rink’s revenue potential.

If you maintain your ice year-round, you can increase revenue by maximizing your rink calendar. Run a day camp for kids over the summer and fill your evenings with clinics for adults or high school players. Spread the word about your classes, clinics, and camps over social media.

2. Put your Ice Resurfacer, scoreboard, and floors to work.
If you’re not selling advertising at your rink, you’re missing out on a huge revenue opportunity. Your Ice resurfacer, scoreboard, and dasher boards are all prime real estate for advertising. So are your concrete floors and even your stair risers. Reach out to businesses in your community and tap your network of coaches and hockey parents to find potential advertisers. Becker Arena Products can design and install advertising banners, dasher board advertisements, and Ice resurfacer wraps that can withstand impacts and temperature extremes.

3. Think outside the box.
Most rinks take advantage of year-round scheduling and advertising. But the most successful also understand their facility is more than an ice rink, it’s an event space. Many of our customers have a great time—and make money—hosting birthday parties, sleepovers, theme nights, and even trade shows. With temporary floor coverings, your rink can become nearly anything. All it takes is a little imagination on your part.

Becker Arena Products enjoys the opportunity to help our customers find ways to increase revenue at their ice rinks. What do you do at your rink to maximize revenue? Share your ideas with us on social media! Just click the links below.