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Rink Conversions: From Ice to Dry Floor Events and Back

By 29 June 2018July 28th, 2023No Comments

Multi-purpose buildings undergo a wide variety of changes to accommodate different events in the same space. In the industry, we call these changes rink conversions, or more commonly, changeovers. For a successful changeover, it takes careful planning along with a team of people working together in a strategic, timely manner.

Consider a typical situation in many community centers. They take hockey programs off the schedule in the summer, so they convert from ice to turf for soccer or lacrosse programs. In this case the ice is most likely removed and a special indoor turf installed over the concrete. Portable soccer and/or lacrosse goals are used in field, or custom soccer goals are made to fit into the existing dasher system. Then, before the start of the fall ice hockey season, the turf is simply rolled up and, along with the goals, stored for next year’s use. Take a look at this video from Westminster School in Connecticut as they convert from ice to turf.

Ice to Turf

Larger venues face a bigger challenge. When there is a hockey game one night and a basketball game or concert a few nights later, there isn’t enough time to take the ice out and put it back in again for the next hockey game. In this case, the facility will keep their ice in place and cover it with an ice floor cover. Ice floor covers keep the ice cold and protected. Most products offer features including non-slip moisture resistance and insulating qualities. Then, a basketball floor (for example) is installed right over the ice floor cover. For a great illustration of the entire process, take a look at this video of a hockey to basketball changeover at Pepsi Center.

In this video you see the entire set of dasher boards being removed, but this is not always the case, depending on the next event. In some cases, only the shielding is removed along with the players and penalty boxes along with any concert lift out panels.

To help support facilities as they perform seasonal or frequent changeovers, Becker Arena Products provides products with safe and time-saving features.

Best Conversion Product Features

  • Lighter Aluminum Dasher Board Frames
  • Acrylic shielding, which is significantly lighter weight than tempered glass
  • Quick release shield supports
  • Quick release backer panels
  • Concert lift-out panels
  • Retractable puck control netting
  • Shielding storage carts
  • Dasher storage carts
  • Ice covers and storage carts
  • Ice Retainers/Dams

BAP 6.0A Signature Series Pro Dasher System

Swindell Pro-Deck

If you are building a new rink or perhaps replacing your current dasher system and intend to changeover to other events, the BAP 6.0A Signature Series Pro Dasher System is what you want.  This system embodies many of the same components mentioned above with some excellent added features.

If your venue converts for other activities, whether it’s large or small and whatever the level of play, Becker Arena Products can custom build a Pro Dasher System that fits your needs and budget.


  • Aluminum frame dasher boards which are light weight and flexible
  • Powder coated steel ice retainer with BAP leveling system
  • Acrylic shielding system with HDQR (heavy duty quick release) shield support posts
  • Quick release backer panels
  • Media photographer box
  • Quick release backer panels
  • BAP cushion cap rail
  • Steel or aluminum elevated floor and coach’s walkway
  • Flush mount kickplate
  • Retractable netting
  • Curved acrylic corners on boxes

IMG_3572 (2)

When you are planning for rink conversions, get advice and learn about product options from Becker Arena Products, Inc. at 800-234-5522.