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School is almost out and summer is just around the corner which means one thing…SUMMER CAMP! While kids are focused on wrapping up school and finishing strong, (at least we hope!) many parents already have camp dates blocked off in their calendars and are planning their summer activities around them. What most parents and kids don’t realize is the tremendous amount of planning and preparation that goes into putting on any kind of summer programming. For ice rinks, deciding whether to host in-house camps requires careful evaluation.

Pros to consider…

  • Otherwise unused ice time will be filled
  • Summer programming generates revenue for your facility
  • Because it’s in house, you control the quality of the program
  • It provides work for your staff during the slow season
  • It’s fantastic marketing! It brings new customers through the door who may do future business with you.
  • It offers opportunities for skaters to locally develop and enhance their skills in the off-season.

Cons to consider…

  • Hiring and training summer staff
  • Ensuring proper health and safety for everyone on site
  • Investing in equipment, uniforms, marketing supplies etc.
  • Rounding up volunteers to assist with registration, communication, permitting…
  • A willingness to prioritize ice time for summer programming over other possible uses of the space
  • The fact that it will likely take several years to experience profitability from the endeavor

To read the article on the value of Summer Camps:


If your facility decides to invest in summer programing for kids, one format to consider is that of a cross-ice program. Unlike with traditional ice hockey, rink dividers compress the rink size and teams are 2-on-2, 3-on-2 or 3-on-3. This allows players to engage more frequently with the puck and allows for more shots on net, more passes and ultimately, more skating. It also keeps players ‘on their toes’, thinking and reacting more quickly. Players polish their stick handling, shooting and skating skills in a much more efficient way and arguably, have a lot more fun doing it!



OPTIMIZER® Rink Dividers are a fantastic product that replace traditional foam dividers. They are incredibly durable and easy to assemble with aluminum tube frame construction and aluminum tube inserts. Radius corners provide a true hockey experience for half ice or cross ice play. Dividers are available in multiple sizes and come with a durable storage cart for easy transportation. Dividers come with an assortment of caprail colors and are rated to -4°. The best part? Two people can easily set them up and take them down in under 15 minutes. Becker Arena Products OPTIMIZER® Rink Dividers are the perfect choice for your cross-ice summer programming!

To learn more about OPTIMIZER Rink Dividers give us a call at 800-234-5522

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