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Our Signature Series PRO Dasher Systems Might be Right for You!


When it comes to choosing the right dasher system for your needs it boils down to both the system’s safety features as well as its design. You want a system that best-aligns with your usage goals for the rink. Do you host events outside of hockey? If you do, you know how important it is to have a professional dasher system that is conversion-friendly. This means selecting a dasher system that is easy for your staff to convert in a time-efficient manner. More and more facilities are looking for dasher board systems with features that make conversion simple. Here are some key features to consider when you are exploring a conversion-friendly dasher system:

  • Quick-release shield support
  • Quick-release backer panels
  • Concert lift-out panels
  • Retractable puck-control netting
  • Shielding storage carts
  • Dasher panel storage carts
  • Ice covers

Becker Arena Products’ 6.0A PRO Dasher System embodies many conversion-friendly components with some extra features to choose from, including:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Acrylic shielding
  • Cushion caprail
  • Curved acrylic corners on boxes
  • Powder-coated steel ice retainer with BAP leveling system
  • Flush-mount kickplate
  • Media photographer box

Let’s start by talking about the primary design choice for this PRO System – the frame and the shielding. Most dasher systems are made with either a steel or aluminum frame. If the goal is easy conversion, the smartest choice is an aluminum frame. Aluminum frames are extremely lightweight, making them easier to handle for the crews who put them up and take them down.

When it comes to easy conversion, acrylic shielding is also a wise choice. Because a sheet of acrylic can weigh 40-50% less than a sheet of tempered glass, it is much easier for your crew to manipulate. An added benefit to both the aluminum frames and acrylic shielding is their inherent flexibility, making them a safer choice for players.

After settling on the best frame and shielding for your rink, you can move on and consider other options, some of which are for safety or regulation (and dependent on your level of play) and some of which are strictly aesthetic.

You’ve likely heard the term “impact absorbent” with regard to safety features. The curved acrylic corners on the boxes as well as the cushion caprail are both designed to be impact absorbent.

Another option – one not created for safety but one worth exploring – is the flush-mount kickplate. This kickplate style creates less bounce for the puck during play and facilitates cleaning because it eliminates the ledge. (Standard kickplate is placed over the dasher facing, creating a ledge.)

Some of the aesthetic options that our clients often choose with their PRO Systems are team color-matching shielding supports, caprail, kickplate and backer. These colorful options are fun for both players and fans alike.

In the end, all hockey dasher boards are custom-built to suit your facility needs and budget. We would love to help you choose your perfect custom setup. Start by reviewing these top four questions with your Becker Arena Products, Inc. Sales Consultant to see if the BAP6.0A PRO Dasher System is right for you:

  • What is the top level of play at your facility?
  • Do you have any required or preferred dasher features?
  • Do you host other events outside of hockey?
  • How important is ease-of-conversion for your system?

Becker Arena Products, Inc. is an industry leader and manufacturer of dasher boards and other ice rink products for indoor/outdoor facilities and parks. We work on public and private projects with architects, contractors and rink owners and operators. Our portfolio of projects includes large multi-purpose venues, small community ice rinks, outdoor recreational skating rinks and training facilities. These projects include new construction and renovation of existing facilities. In addition to dasher boards, we furnish products including bleacher and benching products for locker rooms, protective flooring, ice maintenance products and other operational equipment -both new and used.

If you are interested in learning more, you can call us at 800-234-5522 or visit us online at We would love to partner with you in all of your ice rink endeavors! In the meantime, read more about our Proven Process.