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We recently sat down with Lucas Van Nevel, Rink Equipment Resource Manager, to find out more about the process of selecting and selling used equipment.

Q: Thanks for your time today Lucas, I know things are really busy right now! First, why don’t you give us a little background on how Rink Equipment Resource got started?

A: Rink Equipment Resource, or RER as we like to call it, was started mainly from our [Becker Arena Products] customers who asked if we knew what they could do with unwanted boards and other equipment as they were purchasing new. We started connecting buyers and sellers through a dedicated website and have kept it going for almost 15 years!

Q: What’s the most popular equipment bought and sold through RER?

A: Our most popular items include dasher boards, ice resurfacers, and skate sharpeners. We also take in flooring, scoreboards, shielding, and ice edgers.

Q: Where was the most interesting place you’ve sold equipment to?

A: Australia! We have also sold equipment to movie sets, which is pretty interesting.

Q: Tell us more about the process of taking in a set of dasher boards.

A: Sure! First, we gather several pieces of information from the seller including overall visible condition and what the boards are made of. We also request any drawings they have so we know the exact layout of the system. We get photos of the system, determine the value of the system, and post it on our website. We advertise through social media and send out an email blast to those who are specifically in the market to purchase a dasher board system. Our parent company sales team is also notified of the boards so they have options for their customers who may not be able to buy new. Once we find a seller, we determine if any modifications need to be made to the boards in order to fit at the buyer’s facility and provide the seller with a quote. Once everything is finalized, the boards are shipped and either installed by our experienced crew or the customer themselves.

Q: What kinds of questions do you ask a potential buyer to determine the best system for their facility?

A: The first question we ask is whether they are looking for an indoor or outdoor system. Since outdoor systems require different material to withstand the elements, it usually narrows down the number of boards available pretty quickly. We also ask about the buyer’s budget and physical location. Boards can range from $1,000 to $120,000 and shipping them across the country adds to cost. There are times when what we offer is way beyond the buyer’s budget. In such cases, we may make suggestions such as refurbishing or contacting another vendor who can offer a system within their desired price range. Finally, we get to know more about the buyer’s facility layout to find the best fit. Knowing where their existing player and penalty boxes and equipment gates are located tells us how much modification needs to be done to a set of boards.

Q: What are the biggest issues that impact a sale?

A: Hmmm… that’s a great question. Of course, pricing is usually the biggest issue. If a seller thinks equipment is worth way more than it is, it usually doesn’t sell. For instance, we had a seller who wanted a certain amount for a skate sharpener. A brand new one was about $500 more. Timing and popularity of equipment can also really impact a sale.

Q: What’s the best reason to work with Rink Equipment Resource when selling your used ice rink equipment?

A: In my opinion, it’s being able to work with a company that really knows the industry, has a large network of potential buyers, and can take the hassle out of the buying and selling process. I guess that’s three reasons!

Q: That’s okay. It sounds like there’s a lot of value in working with Rink Equipment Resource. What is the best piece of advice you can offer for selling equipment through RER?

A: Try to have as much information of what you’re looking to sell ahead of time. It makes the process quicker and easier to gather that ahead of time and will likely answer any or most of the questions we have to sell your equipment.

Q: Lucas, thanks again for giving our readers a little more insight into Rink Equipment Resource today! If someone has equipment they’d like to buy or sell, what’s the best way to reach you?

A: They can either go onto our website or give us a call at 800-234-5522.