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This is the number one question of callers who are in the beginning stages of new construction or renovation of their ice rink. The first question we ask back is, “How long do you want them to last?” In evaluating the true cost of a set of dasher boards (TCOOL total cost of ownership over the life) there are four important considerations:

  1. Design
  2. Materials
  3. Workmanship
  4. Installation

If the quality of any one of these fail, your boards will not last as long: “The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten” All dasher systems need to be custom built to your facility. We, here at Becker Arena Products, can quote you a ballpark or exact price to your specification. Either way there are a few things to consider, we will address a few of these considerations in upcoming posts including:

  1. How do you choose the right dasher board system for your facility
  2. Tempered Glass vs Acrylic shielding
  3. Supported vs. Support-less viewing
  4. Steel vs. Aluminum frames
  5. Backer vs. Open-Backed dasher systems
  6. Choices for Protective netting
  7. Shielding Thickness
  8. Dasher board maintenance
  9. Renovation options
  10. Purchasing options for Government and Non-Profits