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Changing Your Level of Play?

By 1 November 2018No Comments

Consider Adding These Features to Your Rink

Does your rink have what it takes to accommodate the growing popularity of junior hockey and higher level teams? There are some excellent, professional features you can either add to your existing rink or upgrade to when replacing your system that will help you position your rink as a go-to for a higher level of play.

Even if you’re not changing the level of play at your rink, taking your rink to the next level is becoming an expectation of communities and associations who heavily invest their time, money and energy into the programs at your facility. It’s not enough to play at “good enough” rinks anymore!

When you choose to institute one or all of these features, not only will players and spectators enjoy their experience at your facility but you may also reap added benefits. Here are a few examples:

Increasing safety

Because rinks hosting a higher level of play anticipate more aggressive play and need to prioritize impact absorbency, some upgrades may increase rink safety. Cushion cap rail and curved acrylic corners are smart upgrades to consider. Cushion cap rail provides a more forgiving material than the traditional HDPE cap rail and can be installed in new and existing facilities. Curved acrylic corners are used as an alternative to the sharp-edged traditional player box termination corners.

Attracting recruiting prospects

When your rink accommodates a higher level of play, switching to flush mount kickplate and considering an ice retainer when renovating may help attract excellent recruiting prospects.  Flush mount kickplate is preferred by many players since it reduces puck bounce. Your custodial staff will also prefer flush mount kickplate since it eliminates the ledge, facilitating the cleaning process. Players appreciate the rinks that install ice retainers in their new systems because it adds flexibility to the boards.

Drawing paying spectators

A higher level of play means paying spectators. Paying spectators mean increased revenue for your rink as well as an on point audience for additional programs your rink has to offer. Infuse team spirit by installing powder-coated shield supports and custom color cap rail and kickplate in matching team colors. Adding engraved, inlaid red and blue lines or engraved poly backer panel with a team or city name finishes off the look. For a better viewing experience, consider upgrading to wide view acrylic on a new dasher system.

When you decide you’re ready to make upgrades to accommodate a higher level of play at your rink or enhance the experience of your community rink, give us a call. Whether you’re replacing or upgrading your existing rink, we would be happy to walk you through the process and provide you with the highest quality products to help make your dream a reality. You can call us at 800-234-5522 or visit us online at