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Joining an industry association can be extremely beneficial for working professionals looking to expand their network and knowledge. At Becker Arena Products, we look at association membership as a partnership – a way to support the industry that supports us. As a member of local and national ice arena managers associations, our business experiences many benefits and maybe you will as well.


We believe there are 5 primary benefits to joining an industry association:

  1. Networking: This is one of the biggest reasons people join industry associations. Occupational networking is a key component to business growth. Networking can move a business to the next level while increasing its prominence within the industry. Networking within our associations allows us to connect and collaborate with fellow members and establish mutually-beneficial partnerships.
  2. Continuing Education: Associations offer numerous opportunities for professional development, both in-class and hands-on. Continuing education adds to your knowledge base, helps you refine your business practices and often involves obtaining certifications that are required or desirable within our industry.
  3. Exposure to Industry Trends: Industry associations keep members up-to-date on current trends through newsletters, magazines and social media posts. Conferences and trade shows are also a great place to engage with industry trends.
  4. Relationships: Aside from the professional benefits, industry association membership brings people with similar interests and passions together and offers the opportunity to form lasting friendships.
  5. Opportunities to Give Back to the Community: Many associations donate to charity events and provide support through volunteer hours. These are fantastic ways to give back to the local community while at the same time placing your business in the public eye.

Becker Arena Products is a proud vendor member of these ice arena associations:

Ice Sports Industry:
Metropolitan Ice Rink Managers Association:
Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association:
Northeast Ice Skating Managers Association:
United States Ice Rink Association:
Wisconsin Ice Arena Managers Association: