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Facility Clients: Valley League, Valley Jr. Warrior Junior Hockey Club, Jr. Warrior Select Hockey Program, Andover High School Varsity Hockey, & Northeast Ice Club.

Products / Supplies: One BAP6.0 Signature Series D asher Board System 185’ x 85’ with a posted shielding system and protective netting. This project included demolition and removal of the existing dasher system before the installation of the new dasher system.

Going from the existing set of boards built from a kit to the updated system the Lawrence Valley Form has now is probably the greatest transformation I've ever seen.

Mike UptonBecker Arena Products Inc., Sales Consultant


Lawrence, Massachusetts


Privately Owned Facility

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The biggest challenge to overcome on this project was the 6” wide x 2’ tall curb that was poured when the facility was transformed from a roller rink to a hockey rink. In most cases we enter into a project where our boards will sit on and be anchored to a flat concrete floor or apron but once in a while, in cases like this, there is a curb.

We scheduled a pre-build onsite visit with Lawrence Valley Forum to fully understand their situation and recommend the best solution. We accurately hand measured the curb so our designers could draw the boards for production. It all had to be exact in order for the boards to fit perfectly, and, they did!