Becker Arena Products Inc. project profile

Background: We worked through our South Korea Dealer, Mr. Kiseung YOUK of ICE n Sports Inc. on this project. Although this is listed as a new construction, Becker Arena Products entered into project after the building was already built. Rink 1 is actually in the lower level, or underground, of the facility and Rink 2 is their first floor.

Products Supplies: Rink 1: International size Signature Series 6.0 Steel frame with posted tempered glass shielding. Rink 2: International size Signature Series 6.0 A Aluminum Frame with our VISION seamless glass shielding.

The Project: The first floor rink was built with a 6” high perimeter curb. This created a challenge to design and build the boards to fit exactly on the curb. This left no room for error but at the same offered an opportunity to incorporate our Flex-Anchor System a solution for this customer who wanted a Flexible Dasher System.

Benefits: The customer was able to save money by installing both systems at the same time. We sent 2 supervisors to run 2 different crews simultaneously.


South Korea

Project Type

New Construction

Type of Venue

Double Rink