How To Choose The Right Dasher Board System For Your Facility?

Determining whether you should purchase steel or aluminum rink dasher boards really boils down to the following questions:

  1. Is the facility a multi-use facility where the rink dasher boards frequently come up and down?
  2. What type of use will the dasher board system get or how many hours a day?
  3. Do you have the resources and/or how easy is it for your rink personnel to make repairs on site?
  4. What is the life expectancy the facility is expecting out of a set of rink dasher boards?

Regardless of whether your dasher hockey system is steel or aluminum, the constant up and down regiment will take its toll on a set of dasher boards. Steel frame dashers boards should by their nature hold up better to constant tear downs and set-up over aluminum dasher boards. Although heavier in weight, steel dasher boards can be repaired on site a lot easier than aluminum dasher boards.

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    Signature Series 6.0 Steel Frame

  1. Signature Series 6.0 Steel Frame

    Becker Arena Product's Signature Series steel frame boards are built to withstand the punishment at the professional level as well as the daily use and abuse at the community level and remain solid, aligned, and looking good. This basic frame construction is the core to many custom projects.



  2. Signature Series 6.0A Aluminum Frame Dasher System

  3. Signature Series 6.0A Aluminum Frame Dasher System

    Becker Arena Product's Signature Series Aluminum Frame dasher boards are suitable for venues that require frequent changeovers. These frames are lightweight, flexible but durable and fully-welded for strength and long-lasting durability (not mechanically fastened).



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