Quick Overview

Our steel frame system has been the chosen product in hundreds of community rinks all over the United States. Why? Let’s compare the number of hockey games played on a community rink’s ice versus the pros to find out. The pro rinks may get between 100 to 200 hours of play in a season, if you include practice games. The community rinks get between 200 to 300 hours per month.

Choose Becker’s 6.0 steel frame system if you want a dasher board system that can withstand the punishment of the daily heavy use and abuse of the community rink and still stay solid and aligned/

Features and Benefits:

  • All welded frame.
  • Hot-dipped galvanizing which offers anti-corrosive and self-healing properties, protects from rust.
  • Full angle framed construction.
  • Innovative shielding support with permanent rubber gasketing that stays in place when the glass is removed.
  • Unique attachment of dasher facing for expansion and contraction.

Regardless of whether your system is steel or aluminum, the constant up and down regiment will take its toll on a set of dasher boards. Steel frame dashers should by their nature hold up better to constant tear downs and set-up over aluminum dashers. Although heavier in weight, steel dashers can be repaired on site a lot easier than aluminum dashers.

You can select any of the following options to enhance your dasher board system.

  • Player Boxes
  • Penalty Boxes
  • Scorer’s Box
  • Elevated Floors For Boxes
  • Coaches Walkways In Players Boxes
  • Benches
  • Puck Control Netting
  • Hockey Stick Racks
  • Advertising Panels
  • Scorer’s Table
  • Ice Retainer
  • Sound Deadening Insulation
  • Permanent Backer Panels
  • Spectator Shielding
  • Goal Judge Boxes
  • Dasher Panel Storage Carts
  • Shield and Support Storage Carts
  • Bottle Holders & Built-in Shelving

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Becker Arena Product’s Signature Series steel frame dasher boards are built to withstand the punishment at the professional level as well as the daily use and abuse at the community level and remain solid, aligned, and looking good. This basic frame construction is the core to many custom projects