Becker Arena Products stocks your basic Zamboni and Olympia ice resurfacer wear parts including: towels, studded tires, blades, stainless steel blade nuts & bolts, board brush and wash water pump impellers.

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    Ice Resurfacer White Terry Towels

  1. Ice Resurfacer White Terry Towels

    Ice Resurfacer Towels made from 100% 5ply cotton terry cloth for maximum durability and grass grommets for a superior hold. Available in 77", 80" and 84"

    Starting at: $48.60


  2. Studded Tires

  3. Studded Tires

    Our tires are studded specifically for rink use and are not road worthy. Call for brand specific information.


  4. Ice Resurfacer Blades

  5. Ice Resurfacer Blades

    Tempered steel edge inlaid resurfacer blades that are 5" high x 5" thick with a 27 degree vevel on the knife end. Available in 77", 80", and 84". Blade bolts and nuts sold separate.

    Starting at: $229.00


  6. Conditioner Squeegee

  7. Conditioner Squeegee

    Made from a duro gum rubber, which is resilient but pliable. 1/4" thick x 84" long - can easily be cut to your size.



  8. Board Brush

  9. Board Brush

    The board brush removes snow next to the dashers which prevents it from freezing and creating an uneven surface. Fits most machines.



  10. Wash Water Pump Impeller

  11. Wash Water Pump Impeller

    Available for most ice resurfacers. Comes with gasketing necessary for pump.



  12. Ice Resurfacer Felt Towel

  13. Ice Resurfacer Felt Towel

    This felt ice resurfacer towel is the new alternative to the terry cotton style. Available in 77", 80", and 84".

    Starting at: $47.50


  14. Blade Nuts and Bolts

  15. Blade Nuts and Bolts

    Various options of either Zamboni or Olympia Bolts and Nuts. Sold specifically to work with our Ice resurfacer blades sold separately. Sold as eaches.

    Starting at: $0.15


8 Item(s)

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