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Transform your stairs with full color, digitally produced stair riser decals!. Decals for stairs adhere to the face of the stair and provide you with a unique branding or sponsor signage opportunity in an unconventional but high traffic area

All stair riser decals are made from a proprietary material that is designed to stand-up to the wear and tear of a high-traffic area. They are also designed to withstand temperature changes – allowing them to be placed in areas such as an ice arena.

Your stair decals can be designed for a repeating message or logo on each step, which is common for smaller staircases or staircases in the seating bowls of arenas. Stair riser decals can also be printed to combine into a single image to create a stunning display, which is typical for larger staircases or staircases in lobbies.We offer 3 styles of decals one for smooth surfaces, one for rough textured surfaces and a third that is most aggressive for challenging areas. All of our stair riser decals are customized and printed specific to your needs. Keep in mind when measuring and installing your stair riser we recommend taking ½” off of the height and width of the stair face measurements to prevent the stair decals from going over the edges and peeling back. Call for more information or samples at 800-234-5522.

Stair riser decal for Smooth Surfaces (price per sq ft)
Stair riser decal for rough textured surfaces (price per sq ft)
Stair riser decal most aggressive (price per sq ft)

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