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Official game pucks, Practice pucks, Blue lightweight and Markless Pucks.

32.10270 Practice Puck
The practice puck is made in Czech Republic & is actually certified as the official puck used by the International Ice Hockey Federation for all of their world championships.
5.6oz, sold 100 per case

32.10280 Blue Lightweight Puck
The blue puck is best for youth hockey practices and games.
4oz, sold 50 per case

32.10290 Markless Puck
The Markless puck leaves less noticeable scoff on the boards.
5.6oz, sold 50 per case

32.10470 Official Game Puck
The Official Game Puck is the official NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association) size & weight. The NFHS logo is foil printed on the puck.
48 Pucks per case.

PT# 32.10270 Pucks – Practice
PT#32.10280 Pucks – Blue Lightweight
PT#32.10290 Pucks – Markless
PT#32.10470 Puck – Official Game NFHS Approved

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