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Standard Line Kits Includes:

  • 2 pieces, 12″x 8″ – Red
  • 2 pieces, 12″x 42″ – Red
  • 4 pieces, 12″x 8″ – Blue
  • 4 pieces, 12″x 42″ – Blue
  • 4 pieces 2″x 8″ – Red
  • 4 pieces 2″x 42″ – Red

Becker Arena Product’s standard red and blue polyethylene line kit is available in 1/4″ and 1/2″. An example of a basic kit includes the following and can be adjusted to fit your needs. Note: If you are changing to the new rules we can assist you in putting together a custom conversion package. All pieces can be purchased separately.

Our Signature Series Railing systems are a complete custom design build product anywhere from a simple railing to a more complex railing frame with glass inserts.