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It is important for the goalies to stay hydrated as they don’t have the luxury of getting off the ice to get water. In the past, the water bottle sleeve would lie flat on top of the net, and it was sometimes hard for the goalkeeper to put the bottle back into the sleeve since it is made of a soft shell for safety reasons. Therefore, the water bottle may not have been inserted properly into the sleeve causing it to roll out of it during the course of the game. Now the new water bottle holders, as required by the Pro teams, have Velcro straps to attach to the back of the net – problem solved.
  • Made from a durable but lightweight material
  • Works with most any water bottle
  • Attaches to back of the net
  • Same style used in the Pro teams
  • Options: Plain white (no logo) or custom logo using your artwork
  • UOM = Each

Goalie Net Water Bottle Holder


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