Quick Overview

Dasher Board Cleaning Solutions includes an all-purpose cleaner, an abrasive for the really tough jobs and a sealer to make the job easier the next time.

30.10010 Blue Dash
A high abrasive dasher board cleaner for those really tough jobs.
Sold in 1 gallon containers

30.10020 Citrusolve
A general purpose cleaner for boards and all around the arena
Sold in 1 gallon containers

30.10150 Exceed Board Sealer
Apply to dasher board facings to make the cleaning process easier the next time. Apply two light coats to your new boards or immediately after cleaning your existing boards.
Sold in 1 gallon containers

Becker Arena Products’ Formula for Cleaning Dasher Boards


  • 1 – part – Blue Dash
  • 2 – parts – Citrosolve

Mixture on boards (allow time for mixture to loosen grime)

With a brush, Cyclo Polisher or wipe vigorously with cloth until clean

New or newly cleaned boards with Exceed Board Sealer (two coats recommended)

# 30.10010 Blue Dash
# 30.10020 Citrusolve
# 30.10150 Exceed Board Sealer

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