Quick Overview

Built-in quiet exhaust system with replaceable filter cartridge. 2 station machine with 1 finishing station & 1 direct drive cross grind station. 20 percent smaller foot print than the 3 station machine. Comes with 1 cross grind dresser (CGD700), low profile casters, scratch resistant lexan™ shield, 1 pair safety glasses, Blademaster banner, service filter indicator light, sweep tray & vacuum hose. Built to accept new generation Mark6 Custom Radius System. New easy to use front feed system with integrated linear bearings.

H-52”, W-27½”, L-40½” (With sweep tray – Length 46½”) Weight 720lbs.

Electrical Supply: 220V, 20A, single phase, 4-wire supply (2 x 110V line, 1 common line, 1 ground line)