Quick Overview

Today an increasing number of professional hockey organizations are transitioning from glass to acrylic shielding. Engineered specifically for hockey arenas, ACRYLITE RinkShield offers a solutions that is safer, lighter, stronger, more flexible and easier to maintain while providing fans with an improved viewing experience.

Engineered For Hockey….

Designed specifically to meet professional-level hockey’s shielding regulations and ASTM F103-13. ACRYLITE® RinkShield outperforms industry deflection benchmarks for spectator shielding. A three-fold reduction in reaction forces over tempered glass significantly reduces the effect of impact on players and the possibility of injury.

Multi-Purpose Facilities

Whether converting from hockey to concert or back again, easy-to-handle ACRYLITE® RinkShield allows for speed and ease, reducing cost and saving time.

Weighing 100 lbs less per pane than heavy tempered glass

RinkShield is easier to handle and fabricate, further enhancing its speed and ease of installation. Even large panels can be moved by two people, eliminating the need for specialty lifts.

Replacement Sheets

RinkShield is easier to store, handle and fabricate. Arena staff can quickly and efficiently remove poly film masking, minimizing arena downtime when replacing broken glass.