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Government Financing Program

When budget is a concern but you need to purchase new  Ice Rink equipment, you can now take advantage of a Government financing program through National cooperative Leasing (NCL). NCL is the only NJPA awarded contract vendor offering municipal financing to the cooperative membership.

Features and Benefits

NJPA Awarded Contract:

the RFP work is already complete! NJPA has performed the bidding for financing on your behalf. With Becker Arena Products you get the best ice rink equipment and with NCL you get the best financing structure!

Flexible Payment Structure:

Budget calendar alignment… Receive the products now and align payments to match your budget cycle.  Push out 1st payment for up to one year!

Tax-Exempt Municipal Purchase:

Offers immediate ownership with a budget friendly payment schedule.  This municipal only program combines the benefits of a low monthly/yearly payment of a lease and the product ownership of a loan.

The power of cooperative purchasing now stands even stronger.  You can purchase the highest quality arena products with competitively bid Becker Arena Products contract. You can also increase your purchase power through a competitively bid finance contract from NCL.

Reference NJPA Awarded Contracts:

Becker Arena Products Contract #030117-BAP

National Cooperative Leasing Contract   #032615-NCL

Not a Government or Non Profit?  No problem… NCL can finance private business as well.  NCL  offers competitive rates and flexible payment plans.  Talk with your area sales person or call Becker Arena Products at 800-234-5522

Lease payment calculator:


For more information on NCL go to www.nationalcooperativeleasing.com
For more information on NJPA go to www.njpacoop.org
Watch a NCL Informational YouTube Video

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