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Lumin ICE Premium, our top-of-the-line powder ice paint. You do not have to mess with an additive. All the brighteners are in the powder’s pigment making this formula. Your 200′ x 85′ rink will require 2-3 coats for best results (6-9, 50lbs bags).

New improved Lumin ICE Premium High Intensity, our top-of-the line powder ice paint. You no longer have to mess with an additive. There are brighteners in the powder’s pigment making this new formula an improvement of convenience and appearance.


  • For best results apply three coats.
  • Three bags per coat.
  • Mix one 50 lb. bag of Lumin ICE Premium with 25 US Gallons of water, adding the paint to water while mixing.
  • If using a 120 Gallon mixing tank, mix 3 bags of Lumin ICE Premium to 75 Gallons of water.
  • Lumin ICE Premium can be applied with any conventional ice paint spray equipment. The previous coat should be slightly overlapped to prevent streaking.
  • Seal Lumin ICE Premium paint with three light applications of water.
  • The ultimate whiteness of the ice depends on having a uniform coating of Lumin ICE Premium paint.
  • Mix the paint continuously during application to prevent thinning.
  • PT#62.90100

Consider our Mixing Tank and Spray Boom for your next application.

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PT#62.90100 Lumin ICE Premium White Powder Base Coat Ice Paint

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