Quick Overview

Homasote Ice Deck is a moisture-resistant structural panel ideal for placement directly over indoor ice. When an ice rink must be used for multi-purpose activities, these 4’ x 8’ panels quickly convert the ice sheet for a dry-floor use. Panels are made of a 100% recycled wood product and chemically treated for termite, rot and fungus protection.

Homasote IceDeck is a structural panel that can be placed directly over indoor ice for temporary conversion of an ice rink for other activities. Once in place, a wooden floor can be placed on the IceDeck. Ice Deck. is also used for application over artificial turf, gymnasium floors and tennis courts as a temporary cover. The natural resiliency of Homasote Company’s IceDeck help protect both the surface underneath it and the surface placed over it.

IceDeck. is composed of two plies of Homasote® structural building board, bonded with a water-resistant glue under extreme pressure, processed with moisture-resistant ingredients, compressed into high-density structural panels 1″ thick, then trimmed to size to form easy-handling 4′ x 8′ panels.

  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • Integrally protected against fungi and rot
  • Easy to handle and cut
  • Squared edges assure tight alignment to help avoid gaps
  • No splinters, chips or splitting
  • Sound deadening feature helps quiet noise

Sizes & Weights (nominal)

Thickness # of plies Size Weight
1″ 2 4′ x 8′ 2.4 lb./sq. ft.

Physical Data

Density: 26-28 lb.ft3
Tensile, parallel of surface: 450-700 psi
Transverse, MOR: 750-1000 psi
Stiffness, MOE: 86,000 psi
Hardness, Janka Ball (min.): 230 lb.
Water absorption by volume (max.):
2 hrs. immersion
Expansion from 50%-90%
relative humidity (max.):
Thermal conductivity, “k”: 0.42
Flame spread: Class 1 (or A)

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