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There are several available options to enhance your steel or aluminum rink dasher board system.

It is important that you get the best dasher system for your project and budget. To help accomplish this we seek to understand your facility, programs and vision. There are many available options to enhance a basic dasher board system design that include, but are not limited to: player boxes, penalty boxes, timekeepers boxes, Elevated Floors, coaches’ walkways, benches, puck control netting, advertising panels, ice retainer, lift out panels, back panels, spectator shielding, sled hockey panels, goal judge boxes, dasher panel storage carts, shielding storage carts, bi-fold gates, powder coated posts, and water bottle shelves.

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    Sled Hockey Boxes

  1. Sled Hockey Boxes

    Becker Arena Products's Sled Hockey Boxes answers to a growing need of the hockey community. We build half-height as well as full-height clear panels for player visibility, low threshold gates for easy access and high density polyethylene floors inside the box for easy maneuverability.


  2. Ice Dam

  3. Ice Dam

    Becker Arena Product's Ice Dam is a 2" steel or 1" high-density polyethylene base where the boards are anchored for the purpose of retaining the ice after boards are removed for other activities. A side benefit of using an ice dam is the flexibility it brings to the dasher system.


  4. Time Keepers Table

  5. Time Keepers Table

    Becker Arena Product's Time Keepers Table is built with solid white 1" high-density polyethylene and adjustable mounting bracket.


  6. Bi Fold Gate

  7. Bi Fold Gate

    Becker Arena Product's Bi-Fold Gates are designed to open when space does not allow for full size gate leafs.


  8. Water Bottle Shelf

  9. Water Bottle Shelf

    Becker Arena Product's Water Bottle Shelf is built-in shelving for the player boxes to accommodate water bottle storage.


  10. Powder Coated Posts

  11. Powder Coated Posts

    Becker Arena Product's Powder Coated Posts allow you to match your facility or home team colors by powder coat painting the aluminum shield supports.



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