Joe Zueger and the Sioux Falls Community Builds Ice Arena

Great things happen when a determined community works together. It all started with Joe Zueger, president of Workplace I.T. Management. Joe sought the support of his Sioux Falls community to create a bigger and better ice arena for the city and he got it.

Joe is a local Sioux Falls hockey dad. As any hockey or figure skating parent knows, finding ice time to practice can be hard to come by. Oftentimes skaters need to practice in the early mornings or late evenings to hone in the skills necessary to be successful at their sport. The growing skating community in Sioux Falls simply needed a better option.

In 2009 Joe founded the ISA (Ice Sports Association) and pulled together a fundraising leadership team to raise the money they needed to build a 3-sheet ice arena. After five years of successful fundraising, the “Scheels Ice Plex” was finally built and ready to open to local hockey teams and figure skating clubs.

The Grand Opening was held on November 17th, 2014. It was the largest ribbon cutting ceremony in recent Sioux Falls history. Former NHL standouts Jeremy Roenick and Jack O’Callahan were among the people that attended. Roenick had an 18-year NHL career and O’Callahan is best known as a member of the 1980 Winter Olympics U.S. National team. During the ceremony it was announced that Sioux Fall’s skating club participation had doubled in the past year.

Steve Carlson, Sales Consultant with Becker Arena Products, met with Joe in 2012 to start discussions on the project and the design of dasher boards. In all, Becker Arena Products provided 3 complete sets of their Signature Series Hockey Dasher Boards, Protective flooring for skate traffic, Rental skate racking systems and Croxice Rink Dividers. Becker Arena Products is proud to have been involved in such a large and historic community effort.

By: Ric Schommer

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