How to Choose the Right Dasher Board System for Your Facility?

Here are just a few questions that will help you determine the best dasher board system for your facility.

  1. Is yours a multi-use facility where the dasher boards come up & down, or will the boards be a permanent fixture?
  2. What level of play and customer base do you service? 3. Will other sports be played on this sheet of ice? How about Sled Hockey?
  3. Will you host dry floor events? While the ice is in? After the ice is out?
  4. And the big one, Steel or Aluminum frame? Steel vs. Aluminum Because they are lighter, aluminum frame boards are more suitable for venues that require frequent changeovers. Steel frame dashers are more suitable for facilities that need a permanent system where there is no need to take the boards down. Steel frame boards hold up better to constant use and abuse of the community rink that can log from 200 to 300 hours per month. Steel frame dashers can be repaired on site more easily than aluminum frame dashers.

Becker Arena Products manufactures both steel and aluminum boards for all types of venues. Our sales people are trained to ask the right questions to help you decide on the right dasher board system for your facility. They will first try to understand your goals and objectives and then offer a recommendation.

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