Hose Wrapping "Was That My Idea?"

It can be hard to keep your ice looking clean and white while painting especially when your hose is dragging dirt all around. Wrapping your hose is a solution and now-a-days standard practice for many rinks, but it wasn’t always. I can still remember (a long time ago when I was younger and better looking) when I was running a rink in Wembley, Alberta Canada and it was my job to get the ice in and painted. I was trying to think of a better way to keep the hose off the ice instead of paying 5 or 6 kids $5.00 an hour when every time they’d start fooling around and our hose would end up on the ice anyway. So I wondered, if I wrap the hose in something like a rope, would that help?

At the time, I was in a small town, late at night and no hardware store so I grabbed as many extension cords as I could find, wrapped the hose as far as they would go and gave it a try. As funny as it sounds, it worked so the next time I bought actual rope and made that my standard practice. I would still get manual help with hose management but now the hose is not getting my clean white ice dirty. Now I see lots of rinks wrapping their hose and I ask myself, “Was that my idea?”

Anyway, the scoop here is, if you want your hose to slide better on the ice, if you want to prevent melting, dirty ice with little grooves in it while flooding or painting do yourself a favor and buy 1/4 inch cheap yellow nylon rope and wrap your hose, you will be glad you did. Just get out your duck tape to secure it at each end and you are good to go.

By Robb Olexin

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