10 Ice Painting Tips

Here are 10 basic tips for painting ice with powder paint and a paint spray boom

      1. Build your ice over concrete or sand to a minimum of 1/8″ – 1/4″ thick
      2. Keeping the floor cold, between 16 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit seems to be the average temperature. some rinks have told us they have to go below these temperatures depending on time of year when painting and quality of theirrefrigeration system.
      3. Wear clean non marking shoes, sneakers are the best.
      4. Off the ice surface and close to a water source, mix your powder paint in the mixing tank according to the directions on the paint bag
      5. Place a 10′ x 10′ piece of cheap carpet on the floor at your resurfacer gates to wipe your feet before walking on the ice.
      6. Wrap your hose with 1/4″ cheap yellow nylon rope to prevent sticking, melting amp; dirty ice
      7. Enlist 2 or 3 helpers for hose management and paint mixing
      8. Walk with boom at a consistent speed overlapping slightly with each pass of spray
      9. “Wet is Bad, Dry is Good!” Avoid stepping in any water or wet areas, it will cause dirt to stick to your shoes and then mark up the freshly painted ice
      10. When finished, spray cold water on the fresh paint at the resurfacer gate area with a backpack sprayer. This will protect the high traffic area at the resurfacer gate for when you go out to seal the rest of the paint. Then spray a few coats of cold water using your boom sealing the rest of the white paint. This also cleans out the nozzles on the boom which prepares it for storage.


Please give us your comments, share your top tips for ice painting we would love to hear from you. Robb Olexin

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